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Reiki/IET Parties

Let me host a "Sacred Hands" Reiki and/or IET Party at your home or at your business office or at a Health/Wellness Fair!

At your business or Health/Wellness Fair, Sacred Hands can offer a 10 minute Reiki session or a 5 minute powerful IET session (Angelic therapy) for $10 per person. Each client will also receive information regarding the treatment they received.

At your home have your friends or family members experience a 10 minute Reiki session or a 5 minute powerful IET session that will leave them feeling Relaxed, Restored and Wanting More!

In addition, there is a $10 cash door fee for each person that attends this home party.

Required number of people for a home party event is 5-10 people attendance.

An introduction to Sacred Hands Reiki and IET will be discussed.

At the Reiki/IET home parties, I will offer Special Prices on the Sacred Hands Healing Mist and on the Aromatherapy incenses for everyone that attends the home party event.

Brochures regarding information about Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) healing will also be available.

Also on that day only for the home parties, I will also offer them Special DISCOUNT Prices on the Reiki and IET treatments and on the Reiki & IET classes.

I will also raffle free gifts during the home party.

There will also be a free door prize raffle worth $50.00 at the home parties.

Credit cards or cash are accepted for purchases.

There are also great benefits for the Hostess who books a "Sacred Hands" Reiki/IET Home Party such as: 1- receive one free 10 minute Reiki session and/or 5 minute powerful IET treatment with Healing Mist application if desired, 2- discount on next Reiki or IET session ($60 for 1hr), 3- one free box of incense (20 sticks) of Hostess choice, 4- 10% discount on all Reiki & IET level classes.

So don’t miss this opportunity! Book your "Sacred Hands" Reiki/IET Party at your home or at your business or at a Health/Wellness Fair today so that you and your guests can experience and learn to Relax, Heal & Restore the Mind, Body and Spirit with Reiki and/or IET and with Aromatherapy products!

Jump Forward now to begin your journey to optimal health & wellness and the peaceful way to relaxation with Reiki and/ or IET and with Aromatherapy products!

Md Oz is a well known cardiovascular surgeon in New York City for New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Doctor's Orders - Try Reiki- "This alternative medicine treatment can manipulate your energy and cure what ails you."

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